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I’m not sure how it was even brought up but tonight I more or less admitted to a co-worker that I’ve self-harmed.

Side note: he also really kinda pissed me off by saying the only reason people do that is for attention. I shut him up real fuckin quick after that.

Anyways, it sorta…I don’t wanna say it triggered me but thinking about it got me into the same state that I was in back then…

Got a job interview today at a place that’s only 15-20 mins away and pays $2/hr more than my current job. Pleeeeeease let this go well.


The Truth - Jason Aldean

just don’t tell them i’ve gone crazy

that i’m still strung out over you

tell them anything you want to, just don’t tell them all the truth

don’t tell them all the truth


Lava river in Hawaii


no one will understand why this makes me so happy to find 

everything you love is here

I am so tired of looking for a new truck.

I’m almost at the point where I’d settle with just about anything.

It wasn’t much but it was still something…which is much more than usual for me. And it was a nice change. I probably wouldn’t have done something like that half a year ago.

One step at a time.